Do you only need to send the highest degree credential for ECA by WES?

Last year, in Dec 2020, WES introduced a new rule that allows applicants to submit only the highest degree credential for evaluation of the educational credentials. For example, people who have a Master’s Degree do not need to submit Bachelor’s Degree for WES ECA. This seems like a relief to many applicants, but this does not apply to all the applicants aspiring to get their ECA done by WES

Applicants from certain countries or institutes still require to submit the documents for multiple degrees. For example, applicants from India having Master’s degree still need their Bachelor’s degree submitted to WES for evaluation. To make sure that you are submitting right set of documents and avoid unnecessary delays, you can get the list of required documents for evaluation by WES.

In some cases, we do not prefer to get ECA done by WES as we have seen issues getting a Masters degree equivalency for many Indian Master degrees such as M.Com. or M.Ed.

We can help you with your ECA by WES or other organizations.


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