Become an Agent

Are you looking to become an agent of a licensed Canadian immigration consultant? You came to the right place. We are accepting applications to recruit agents in various parts of the world. Feel free to write to us at [email protected] with your information or any queries.


Agents work independently. They are neither an employee nor a partner of RCIC. Agents receive required training from RCIC that makes them competent and performing their duties as an agent in the local market.

  • Refer clients to RCIC
  • Assist RCIC in gathering documents from clients as per the directions of RCIC
  • Assist RCIC in marketing services on print and online platforms
  • Assist RCIC in promoting services via seminars and webinars in local market
  • Agents cannot provide any immigration advice to clients
  • Agents cannot charge any money from clients for the services RCIC is going to perform
  • Agents cannot provide false information/promises to the clients
  • Agents cannot offer guarantees related to visa/permit approvals to clients


Agents are paid a commission based on the referrals and type of cases RCIC receives through them.

Commissions are paid out to successful referrals only.

The amount of payout will vary and be discussed with each agent separately and explicitly.


There are certain responsibilities the agents are bound to. Some are already mentioned above in “What agents cannot do?”. As an agent, companies/individuals need to sign some agreements such as agent agreements and code of conduct agreements, and also submit other required documentation to our company including identity documents. We assess and do the due diligence at our end before making a final decision.

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